CGA High Gloss & CGA Mirror Effect



CGA Sanders & Polishing Glossing Solution for the preparation and superfinish of the surface for MDF painted panels, Corian, Marble Slabs, Stainless Steel sheet ...         ACIMALL

The finish and superfinish surfaces is one of the most delicate process and requires greater commitment and dedication.

This is generally the last step to be carried out on the panel and only relying on the best machines and the best technological solutions, you can get a higher quality panel from every point of view.
The CGA solutions include surface finishing steps ranging from calibration of the MDF panel, sanding and finishing of paraffin polyester and painted panel for the preparation of the surface that in the second time will be polished and glossed.

Our machine are suitable to work on marble, corian, metal or painted panels and are able to realize all the steps of the working from the preparation of the surface with crossed abrasive belts sanding to the polish and glossing of the surface in order to have the mirror effect and achieve an high quality gloss result.
The complete sanding and polish system studied by CGA guarantee a perfect refectively surface free of sign, marks, streaks and scratches in any kind of surfaces being it wood based painted panels, stainless steel sheet or marble slabs.

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A whole range of machines and equipment for all the industrial cycles from the preparing of the surface before the polishing and glossing to the high gloss and mirror effect results.
Polishing – glossing machine available in working width from 1350 to 3000 mm, with working length on request till more then 30 meter.

Some Material & Application of CGA High Gloss & Mirror Effect:
Painted Panels for interior furniture
Marble Slabs for interior furniture
Metal Sheets for industrial elements



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Test on request in our LabTechCenters for any kind of Workmanship or Material.