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cgametal Satin, Deburring, Finishing , Grinding, Brushing Polishing, Glossing Machine on Metal Sector       ACIMALL

Metal working Machinery for a multitude of operations on metal and non metal surface such as: grinding, deburring, oxide removal, hole and edge rounding, burr removal in all direction and holes definition, as well as on PVC protected, galvanized, pre-painted, zinc coated materials

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A whole range of machines and equipment for all industrial cycles, available in working width till 3000 mm, abrasive belts development till 4650 for longitudinal belts and 13.500 for trasversal belts, brushing units, disk plates units, buffing units, a really wide range of solution to achieve different levels of finish and surface roughness, also on the most difficult materials.

We have even a wide range of solution for the finish and polish of stainless steel or ferrous and non ferrous surfaces

Some Application of CGA on Metal Sector:

Satin of metal sheet
Deburring: removal of residues from punching machine and plasma or laser cutting machine
surface preparing for coating or mirror polish
Polishing and glossing on steel and stainless steel (CGA Mirror effect)
Finish and Deburr on elements and satin on stainless steel and aluminium
Finishing on electric board
Finishing on elements
Flag removal and finishing on oxide metal sheet
Metal Grinding
Metal buffing



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Test on request in our LabTechCenters link for any kind of Workmanship or Material.

Other Material & Application:
Metal, Marble, Leather, Plastic, Hemp, Cement, Corian, Wood of caffè, Plywood, Tryplex, Hardwood, Cileno Pine, Bamboo, Teak, Cork, Baggas particle board, Other Composite Material



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