cgawood.jpg Calibrating Machine, Brushing and Finishing Machine for Wood Sector       ACIMALL

Woodworking Machinery for the calibrating, pre-sanding , sanding of raw surface.
Finishing and Superfinishing machines for painted panels, from the planning of the first layer on the surface to the polishing and glossing of the painted panel. (CGA High Gloss)

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A whole range of machines and equipment for all the industrial cycles from the preparing of the panel before presses or to bring the panel thickness at level, to the first-intermediate sanding of the surface and the finishing on paint.

Available in working width till 3000 mm, abrasive belts development till 4650 for longitudinal belts and 13.500 for trasversal belts, brushing units, disk plates units, buffing units for a really wide range of solution in the whole workmanship.

Some Application of CGA on Wood Sector:

XLAM & MDF Panels (Calibrating of raw material with working width till 3000 mm)
Veneer Sheet (Calibrating, pre-sanding and finishing on veneer 0,3 mm panels)
Veneered & Multylayer Panels (Calibrating before presses, pre-sanding and finishing)
Flooring and Parquet Production (Calibrating and finishing of lamellar and strips)
Doors and Windows Production (Calibrating and finishing of doors,windows and fixtures)
Furniture and Cabinet Doors (From surface preparing to High Gloss Solution and Mirror effect Solution)
Beams & Edge sanding (Calibrating and pre-sand on 3-4 edges for beams, prior to impregnation)



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Test on request in our LabTechCenters for any kind of Workmanship or Material.

Other Material & Application:

Metal, Marble, Leather, Plastic, Hemp, Cement, Corian, Wood of caffè, Plywood, Tryplex, Hardwood, Cileno Pine, Bamboo, Teak, Cork, Baggas particle board, Other Composite Material



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