Filtering substations with depression system

PLM Gruppi Filtranti

FILTRATION SYSTEM (SUB) with depression, self-cleaning system with high performance capabilities and filtration modular units made entirely of galvanized panels 30/10 - 20/10 joined together.

Featuring self-cleaning filters by means of impulses of compressed air previously dried and oli-cleaned.
The mobile cleaning system is inserted inside the top of the filter and includes the central regenerator sliding on rails, valves with silencers for each section, bracol distribution of compressed air with nozzles and control device operation.
The cycle of "washing" is controlled by electronic controller (PLC).
The filter consists of two main sections:
- top filtration units, with differential pressure gauge, manifold side for conveying clean air
- dust collection units - large volume - to facilitate the separation of solid particles, air inlet pipe, filter bags, inspection window, galvanized steel legs for the sustenance of the structure at a height suitable for clutter collection unit located under, discharge conveyor with screw on rotary valve, both driven by a motor two plastic bags, with container and fitted with a pneumatic system of exchange and a leveler, when this indicates that one of the bags is full, automatically, the pneumatic system, start the exchange in the filling of the bag.


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