Filtration plant type cyclone filter model under pressure, self-cleaning system


Filtration plant type cyclone filter model under pressure, self-cleaning system.

Principle of operation:
the inlet tangential entry of the air located on the upper area of pre-separation allows , with lowering of the speed, the separation of dust, making them fall in the lower area of the ciclofilter.
At the same time when the dust falls down, the air goes up toward the top center of ciclonfilter, through the filtering surface, where it goes placed outside cleaned, or recovered inside the building. This option is chosen from the Customer.
The filter bags are cylindrical in shape, reinforced with steel rod for the
nti-crushing, coiled down by mean of steel and bolt.

Cleaning system
The aspirated material is driven to the internal part of the cyclone-filter through the pneumatic transfer fan.
The structure of such unit forces the air to cross the filtering unit. This way, the material , which is characterized by dust particles having a larger granulometric size than the filtering fabric’s pores is being deposited on the external side of the bags. By gravity effect , the material falls down into the storage unit (silo) .
On the top side of the filtering bags the structure is provided with a series of “Venturi” pipes , having placed above them the air injection system .
The air nozzles are connected to a compressed air tank by means of electro-valves, taking command from an electric board with regular impulses.
The setting operation requests a preset a time sequence which sends an impulse to the electro-valves , determining the immediate discharge of compressed air at the inner part of the filtering bags.
This way the filtering bags are set free of the dust particles that remained on the fabric , determining the fall down of such particles into the storage (silo) unit.
Exhaust system continuously through a rotating arm at low rpm controlled gearbox. This arm has the task of moving the dust so that it is sucked by the fan to be transferred to silos.

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