Free Ventilation NO-Duct


 Free Ventilation (Plants without ducts)
- Systems for ventilation of closed structures
- Equipment for the forced evacuation of smoke and heat, to address (in case of fire) the airflow towards harmful extractors
- Suction in industrial buildings and handling of large air flows in underground car parks, tunnels, road tunnels and large environments
- Evacuation of fumes (Smoke evacuators)

The plants of this type are used for the daily ventilation for the simple extraction of the pollutants or for the extraction of fumes in case of fire in underground parking lots, in tunnels or in underground buildings.

Description of the system

In a large underground structure, steps, ramps or other structural openings to the outside can provide natural fresh air.
In the case in which the air flow can not be provided naturally have to be provided for the fan forced air input.
This system can have the simple purpose of creating a change of air in closed places by means of a ventilation.
The forced ventilation system supports the natural air flow between the supply and ejection and helps to accelerate the flow of air in the areas of the parking lot in which the speed is too low to ensure a sufficient air renewal

 Possible applications:
- Underground car parks, tunnels, road tunnels and large spaces in general.
This type of ventilation and air movement is achieved by means of a smoke evacuator with fans jet-pulse to ensure a sufficient air renewal

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