Longitudinal abrasive belts machines

levigatrice a nastro longitudinale





Serie G Mod 3N versione L      Serie G Mod T3 versione F   

Serie C Mod NS Versione M     Serie G Mod 3N520 versione L1

Working width up to 3000 mm
Work high from 0.3 mm up to 560 mm
Sanding belts development up to 4600 mm





Machines with longitudinal abrasive belts.
Various models ranging from calibrating equipped with cutterhead or planner or diamond rollers for great performances removal, sanding with the accessories or electronically controlled equipment or combined units.
Various modular aggregates to be added and optional such as inclined rollers, transversal groups, orbital or brushes to ensure a constant work on the piece to be processed and to ensure a degree of flatness and a superfine finish level.
Various compositions and devices according to the material to be machined is it wood, marble, metal or composite materials.

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