PLM Filter Groups

PLM Gruppi Filtranti

High-performance and high capacity exhausters guaranteed by special centrifugal fans of our production that supports high quality standards.

Frame in profiles, box bended. Plant with casing for outdoor installation. Ability to add a electro-mechanical shaker for filters cleaning.

The filtering units mod. Plm meet a wide range of needs to achieve semi-centralized or centralized suction systems in small and medium-sized companies, reducing the extension of routes and the cost of the intake and piping and the installing of large and costly storage silos.

9 models are made in two versions:
A version with filters and collection bags opened for installation indoors or under protective coverings;
B version with filters and collection bags sealed with solid steel panels are bent and galvanized for outdoor installation.

Optional accessories included:
Mechanical filter cleaning system with automatic shaking device;
Automatic sprinkler smoke detector;
Solenoid drive
Distributor of water spray
Electric board