About us

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Owned by the brothers Sperandei Giancarlo and Ottavio, the Aerotecnica Sperandei is a solid Company established in 1978. Since than we evolved always meeting the increasing demands of the italian and worldwide markets.

Our success is mainly due to our knowledge and to our firm experience; the Sperandei brothers aim has always been addressed to technological innovations in the fields of Boiler with solid or liquid fuels, Exhausting Plants, Drying, Varnishing and Grinding thus ensuring to its customers always updated products.

The company also market a 'wide range of machinery and equipment, and complete lines for processing of wood (from the log to the timber and roundwood). This continuing expansion of production has led to further investment in technology (electronic control machines automated ,plasma cutting, machining centers, etc.) and know-how.

The Aerotecnica Sperandei's ideas is that the designer must be the one that, in addition to shape and give functionality to a product, antici its position in the market place, provides and evaluates the future impact on the use and development trends in the industry. Everything is integrated in a meltingpot of marketing and corporate strategy always oriented towards the customer.

The production of the plant, supported by an efficient technical department able to consider lay-out and specific information provided by the customer itself,allows Aerotecnica Sperandei to perform not only standard products but also customized systems.

All installations are performed with carefully selected materials and offer all the guarantees also took to the applicable rules of law on the subject (EC NORMS).

Our products are intended for companies of small, medium and large sizes, particularly those involved in the processing of timber, but not all. It is worthwhile to examine the products presented to find the most suitable plant for their own needs.

The Aerotecnica Sperandei now boasts of traditional customers - multinational companies and heavily industrialized.

Deliveries are made by dealing directly with the end customer or with the collaboration of our resellers.