Heating Systems- Thermal Plant



Heat generation plants consisting in boilers (natural gas, LPG, wood pellets or biomass), eletric heaters or heat pumps .with smoke evacuation system and load of external air.
Possible connection of the boiler to the plant fuel supply, the hydraulic network and the eventual circuit transmission.

Burners or fireplaces for power boiler or hot air generators.
Furnaces heating and drying for painting plants or vaporization.
Hot water boilers,superheated water boilers, hot water generators.
Hot air generators for space heating with solid fuels.

Boilers, air heaters,Heat exchanger hot water, superheated water or steam in manual and automatic version, Fuel Type: wood chip, waste and sawdust, or liquid fuels and / or gasosi,intended for space heating of warehouses, offices etc. or to provide the thermal agents needed for drying and steam,gas generators for power and energy ...






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