Transversal abrasive belts machine

Planet TT

Machines suitable for surface finishing and paint. Special solutions for machining suitable for polished or lacquered panels: machines with transversal or longitudinal belts to make the panel smooth, finish for a hig finish on panel or transversal for the cross of the grain, double crosswide belts, special pads for differential action on the panel, pads for the finishing of the components.


Cross belts with pads in various composition supplied according to the type of machining required to emphasize the vein of veneer or for finishing painted surfaces, crossbelts sanding belts and precision on corian, marble and wood.







Serie ELLE Mod T1S versione C1      Serie ELLE Mod T2T versione C1       Serie C Mod 3T Versione C     

  Serie C Mod T1ST versione F  Serie C Mod T2ST versione M     Serie C Mod T3T versione M

nastrocga2Working width up to 3000 mm
Working high from 0.3 mm up to 560 mm
Sanding belts development up to 10,350 mm





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