Beside the storage silos and container, we produce a wide range of dust and wood chips suction systems from 0.75 Kw to 90 kw power

  • Wheeled exhausters model AS, light and of limited overall dimensions.

    Flltering groups model PLM, avaible in the versions from 6 to 120 or more filtering hoses, to be installed inside (open versions) or outside (version with protections), and to be connected to the different types of traditional machines.
    Filtering modules MF composable and transportable
    Filtering substations and auto-cleaning exhausters models AS D and AS DK with vacuum aspiration system.

    The plants are designed for filtration of dust resulting from the processing of wood, or in those companies where there is a high concentration of dust, smoke or waste.

    The company designs, manufactures and instals complete exhaust systems with complementary components and machinery and plants for industrial heating from silos, dampers, boilers, heat generators, minisilos, fireplaces, automatic tire-chips and air transport, drying and pressurized locals .


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