CGA EDGE Panelcut and Edgebanding Machine

cgaedge Edgebanding Machine for a multitude of operations and a whole range of working units and equipment for the edging, squaring and size of the panel.       ACIMALL

Available in working panel high till 100 mm and edge thickness till 22 mm
We have even a wide range of solution for the finish and polish of the edge

Some Application on Wood Sector:
Longitudinal and trasversal cut of the panel
Squaring of the pannel
Trimming of panels
Edge sanding, edgeglossing and polishing
Alluminio edge gluing

Wide range of working units from rectifying sqauring units, trimming units, rounding units, finishing units, channel units, sanding units ...


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Squaring - Calibrating Plant

 bordatrici5                 bordatrici5


Panel Sizing - Edgebanding Plant

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