Polishing glossing machines





Polishing-Glossing machines for the automatic processing and polishing of the paraffin lacquered surfaces , as well as of other kind of lacquers.


Our polishing solutions are divided mainly into two categories:

SP version: 1 or 2 automatic polishing parallel brushes; working bench dimension 3000 - 4000 length and 1000 - 1300 - 1500 - 1700 width.

PGM Version: Innovative and patented polishing-glossing system: based on the use of 6 polishing rollers , made in cotton felt buffers , assembled on 6 shafts . Such shafts are at their turn connected to a main central shaft .
The glossing rollers are able to spin in the same time both on their own axis and around the main shaft , and therefore , to work on the panel in 2 rotation senses.

The rotating head is running at a standard speed of 50 rpm.

The whole system is incorporated in a processing head , which is able to move due to geared motors operating the pinions , and determining the movement of the head on the entire longitudinal length of the machine.

The head is sliding on high precision THK guideways at a standard speed of 8 m/.min.

Due the CNC control , mounted on the machine , different types of processing can be chosen , and the number of working passages on the same pieces can also be changed.

One can also chose to use two working benches and create 2 working points , in order to never stop the machine for panel’s loading-unloading operations , doubling this way the working speed and the output.

The machine is also fitted with three innovative systems of great utility , designed to increase production.

· A quick locking system of the pieces which are to be processed: every bench is in fact made of electric motors operated by push buttons placed on the side of the bench , allowing a quick locking of the pieces.
· A quick replacement system for the buffers , by two screws , without removing the ball bearings.
· An automatic timed system of spraying the treatment product , allowing the adjustment of the spraying times.


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