AS Wheeled exhauster

Our exhausters model AS with power from 0.75 to 3 kW are an effective solution to extraction problems.

The wide range of models allows our customers to find the product that optimizes the intake capacity and energy consumption

Wheeled exhauster totally in welded galvanized steel with high suction capacity for small craft.
Removal of chips and scraps from machine tools.
Convenient and easy to install and use with the opportunity to move on different machines.
Availability of a wide range of accessories for connection to centralized plant.

AS series exhausters are designed to meet the needs of small and medium companies for the disposal of dust and chips resulting from woodworking machines that are not subject to the production of sparks.

The electric drive system is designed to minimize the control operations and ensure operator protection.

The exhausters have a robust and stable structure, requiring no mechanical maintenance and a more than optimal duration in the electrical part.